Farmer’s Market

Many people living in smaller towns or rural areas are faced with shopping for food in one megastore. For those seeking alternatives, there are now many more options. Farmers all across the U.S. and around the world have responded with a movement to bring fresh produce to their local communities through local farmer’s markets and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture). Not only do these local venues provide a direct way for area producers to reach area consumers but it also strengthens community involvement. Being local/regional, there’s less time and distance required to get products to market and into homes, and the environment is much less stressed, making the carbon footprint ever fainter.

For those who don’t yet have a nearby farmer’s market, here are some resources for setting one up:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)

CSAs are another option for accessing fresh, often organically grown fruits, vegetables and sometimes meats. Many areas have local growers who offer these programs. Once again, this is a good way to support one’s own community and to know where the food is coming from, while also helping the environment.

Organize your life so that you can support local farmers.