“Watch LOSING THE WEST, a doc that explores the Peckinpah-ian theme of a disappearing west, and the things that vanish with it.”
Wright Thompson, Senior Writer ESPN Magazine



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Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions

Rural Solutions

Rural Solutions

  • Farmers' Markets

    Farmers Market

    Unlike Europe and other parts of the world, where citizens continue to purchase their food daily in nearby markets, Americans have gotten accustomed to supermarket shopping. A first step back to the land... more

  • Harness Water

    Harness Water

    As population grows, the need for water grows with it. Due to increasing scarcity, waste and changing climates, water is becoming precious. By mid-century... more

  • Indoor Gardening

    Indoor Gardening

    Around the world, people living in apartments, or whose homes don't provide available plots of land, are now growing food year round indoors. Whether in a windowsill or... more

  • Involve Your Children

    Involve Your Children

    Involving children in family-oriented conservation activities reinforces their appreciation for where our food comes from and for the importance of the land that produces it, values which... more

  • Land Conservation

    As the world population grows, studies * have shown that land consumption is outpacing population growth by a great deal... more

  • Renew Energy

    Renew Energy

    Many advances in energy use have been made in recent years. Citizens and municipalities are going solar, installing wind turbines, recycling animal and even... more

  • Urban Agriculture

    Urban Agriculture

    The urban agriculture movement is exploding. Every day more people want to get involved. Whether it's finding a community garden and receiving an allotment to work, or choosing to grow at home, this productive activity... more

  • Farmer's Market


    Farmers all across the U.S. and around the world have responded with a movement to bring fresh produce to their local communities through local farmer's markets and CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture). more

  • Land Conservation

    rural Land Conservation

    With world population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, there will be even more pressure on fertile lands and open space to provide food, energy, natural habitat and housing for a growing, hungry world. more

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